The Alain Guillot Show



How To Survive As Entrepreneurs

Mental health is a crisis in the entrepreneurship community. Alain Guillot and I discuss how to develop mental toughness as an entrepreneur.

Listen to the full podcast episode on his website here.

About Alain:

Hi, my name is Alain Guillot, I am a story merchant.

I am a full-time blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber based in Montreal, Canada. I have been a podcaster since January 2018.

I immigrated to Canada from a poor county in South America.

To go to school, I had to work part-time, as a janitor, busboy, and a server.

My first job after college was selling life insurance door-to-door. It didn’t last because I wasn’t a great sales person.

I was the owner of a dance school. I was a day-trader for about 10 years (lost a lot of time and money), I was an Airbnb host, an Uber driver, a photographer, and now a blogger and podcaster.

I write and podcast about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

I believe that we all have the tools to achieve greatness, all we need is more self-confidence.

As a podcaster, I interview experts, authors, and speakers in the personal finance and personal development arena. I want to extract the techniques of successful people and share those techniques with you.